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Hypnosis with Ana Maria


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis therapeutically. Scope of hypnosis is unlimited, remember that the most important is your real desire to change and solve your problems; no one can be hypnotized against their will. Hypnotherapy does not represent a hazard, it is completely safe and without negative side effects. Hypnosis is a natural state of the human mind.

Uses of Hypnotherapy

General fears








Public Speaking


Enhance Memory

Low self-esteem

Lack of concentration

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.



Labor and Business Scope

Hypnosis and the business community have proven to be a wonderful duet. The most successful companies have been sent their best elements to develop and / or increase their potential and abilities through hypnosis.

Motivation and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Motivation for sales people and sales agents

Drive to succeed and productivity

Employment Depression and stagnation

Communication Problems

Hypnosis and NLP are excellent tools to help you extensively in developing and enhancing communication skills such as:


General problems when speaking in public

Uncontrollable Nerves

Panic Scenic

Fear of cameras and microphones


Confidence and Self Esteem

Targeting to students, professionals, actors, public figures and the general public.

Conflict Couple

There are also many problems in relationships that can be solved with hypnosis:



Ruptures and divorces

Addiction person

Partner Dependence  


Excessive jealousy

Physical and psychological abuse.   


Among more than fifteen ways to quit smoking hypnosis has the highest rate of success.





Addiction meals

Compulsive Shopping

Addiction People


Many problems in the sexual area are closely linked to psychological factors such as traumas and negative experiences.


Lack of desire


Psychosomatic Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Psychosomatic Sterility or Infertility

Sexual Identity

Premature ejaculation


Consultations for children over 6 years old.



Attention Deficit Disorder



Aggressive Behaviors


Self-confidence and self-esteem

Academic Skills and Sports (Development and Enhancement).


Hypnosis, combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming provides excellent results in development and enhancement of skills and abilities that program athletes to become winners.

Fears and Phobias

If you suffer from fears or phobias that comes loaded from childhood, hypnosis may be the solution, since it has shown a high success rate, among the most common phobias are:


Claustrophobia- Fear of enclosed spaces.     

Nycotophobia – Fear of the Dark                  

Trypanophobia – Fear of Injection or Medical Needles.    

Mysophobia/Germophobia – Fear of Germs       

Sociophobia – Fear of being evaluated/judged negatively.

Acrophobia – Fear of Heights   

Nacrophobia – Fear of Death    

Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of Flying

Cynophobia – Fear of Dogs

Anthropophobia – Fear of People

Anuptaphobia – Fear of staying single

Atychiphobia – Fear of Failure

Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders

Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns.

Weight Loss

There are many reasons why a person may gain weight, people often gain weight because they eat too much because they are under an anxiety that cannot handle, either because they are experiencing a loss of a loved one, divorce, loneliness, mother early release, lack of love, etc. With hypnosis you are going directly to root cause, these emotional lack that resolve the anxiety to eat more and gain weight.


Food addiction

Chocolate, Sugar and Pastries Addiction

Sport Motivation  


We offer health coaching, holistic diet, and nutritional counseling in general.

Other Applications

Hypnobirth (Hypnosis before, during and after-delivery)

Hypnoanalgesia (Managing Chronic Pain)

Hipnoanesthesia (Using hypnosis as an anesthetic in Surgery or Dentist)

Nail biting (biting nails).

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